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Shepley Bulfinch architect achieves American College of Healthcare Architects Board Certification

Monday, 19 September 2016

Healthcare Planner Scott Mueller Shepley Bulfinch Congratulations for Board Certification American College of Healthcare Architects ACHA

Shepley Bulfinch is proud to announce that Scott Mueller, AIA, ACHA, LEED AP, has earned board certification from The American College of Healthcare Architects. Scott has over 18 years of healthcare programming, planning and design experience. He has worked extensively in NICU, ambulatory, inpatient and medical office building settings, marrying his passion for medical planning with his desire to create lean and cost-effective patient and staff-friendly spaces. We recently sat down with Scott to find out a little more about his passions, motivations, and what this accomplishment means to him.

How and why did you decide to go after this certification?

I went after ACHA Board Certification because it represents my passion for healthcare architecture and is an outward symbol of what I do day-to-day: programming and planning of healthcare facilities. It is validation of my expertise in healthcare architecture within the broader architectural field.

How did the process feel? How long did it take?

The process was a bit nerve racking – the preparation of a portfolio to ACHA specifications, the securing of letters of recommendation (three from peers and three from clients), and the taking of an exam. I began the process in January 2016, took the exam in July, 2016 and was notified by ACHA that I was Board Certified in September 2016. Getting the letters of recommendation was time consuming, as was the preparation of my portfolio. The exam is only offered during July each year; there was a bit of anxiety about the possibility of not passing and having to wait for another year to take it again. Additionally, the exam is not simply about healthcare architecture, codes, and regulations, but it also covers the broad topic of the healthcare environment (political and financial) in which our clients live and breathe.

What value do you think working with an ACHA certified team brings to clients?

I hope that it instills further confidence in our clients about the expertise that Shepley Bulfinch brings to the table.

Is there an ACHA member that you look up to?

Shepley Bulfinch Principal, Jennifer Aliber. She is the one who encouraged me to get the certification. Jennifer was elected to the Council of Fellows of the American College of Healthcare Architects in 2014.

What would you tell someone who is on the fence about going for it?

Go for it! It is a lengthy process, but certainly doable. It is a great validation of healthcare architecture skills and abilities.

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