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Six project types | 142 years | 3944 stickies

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Sticky notes - detailIn all sizes and colors, they congregate on monitors, desktops, and walls. We use them as reminders to ourselves and others. They help us think and synthesize.

Most of all, they help us communicate and collaborate with each other and our clients. Whether bent into an impromptu stair model or used in a client workshop, they are part of our design process.

The installation in our office and the video below are a tribute and yet another adaptation of the mighty sticky note, which first originated as a mistake in the labs of 3M – proof that sometimes mistakes can lead us to great insights.

Through her observations of the firm as Shepley Bulfinch’s 2015 Summer Design Fellow, Yin Liu, a student in the Master of Architecture program at the Rhode Island School of Design, developed the concept for the installation. The firm came together in an “all in effort” over the course of several weeks to create and complete it.

The base layer colors represent the types of projects we have completed since 1874. The randomized colors of the top layer reflect the unique qualities of our staff, projects, and clients.

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