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LEED Gold for Phillips Academy wellness center

Thursday, 3 December 2015

LEED 2015 GOLD medallion 150x150The US Green Building Council has awarded LEED Gold Certification to The Rebecca M. Sykes Wellness Center at Phillips Academy. It is the second LEED-certified building on the school’s Andover, Massachusetts, campus.

The sustainable design of the 17,000 square foot center reinforces the Center’s emphasis on health and well-being. “This is another testament to this beautiful new Wellness Center supporting Andover’s larger initiatives in individual and community health,” said Phillips Academy Medical Director Dr. Amy Patel.

The Center’s sustainable centerpiece is its geothermal system, with a 19-well field that lies beneath the hill to the south of the building. The mechanical room on the building’s lower level serves as a teaching tool, with windows that offer visitors a view of the system and diagrams that illustrate its functionality. Other sustainable strategies include a 3,000 square foot vegetated roof; low-flow plumbing fixtures that reduce water use; and all-LED lights, many of which have sensors to turn them off when they are not needed.

The building’s glass “chimney” form draws daylight into the entry and waiting area, while generous windows diffuse natural light throughout the interior. Students will soon be able to track the building’s environmental footprint using an “energy dashboard” that will offer a unique way to learn about energy consumption and efficiency.

Consigli Construction oversaw construction of the Sykes Wellness Center. The project is the second Shepley Bulfinch building to receive LEED Gold Certification this fall.

Geothermal information sheet – Phillips Academy

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