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A hub for interdisciplinary STEM programs: Davidson College’s new academic building

20 October 2015

Tradeline College & Univ Science Facilities 2015, Boston, MA

William Riley, AIA, LEED AP, Shepley Bulfinch
David Holthouser, Davidson College

Tradeline Colllege and Univ Sci ConferenceDavidson College has upped their game in the competition for STEM enrollment and program advancement, and this case study serves as a benchmark for institutions embarking on similar initiatives.

Bill Riley and David Holthouser profile solutions for modern science programs to ignite enrollment, reenergize the campus environment, support multiple interdisciplinary science teaching and research programs, and enhance student-faculty interaction.

They enumerate key features for transparency, flexibility, and collaboration, and illustrate the use of moveable partitions to quickly reconfigure space for active learning, specific pedagogies and support requirements.

Shepley Bulfinch-Davidson College Tradeline presentation, October 2015