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Creation and assessment of collaborative innovation workspace

20 March 2015

VentureWell, Washington DC

Steve Erwin, Shepley Bulfinch
Joe Rondinelli, Shepley Bulfinch

Harvard Innovation Lab logoInnovation labs and entrepreneurial hubs are sprouting in our university communities. These unique facilities intersect disciplines and support collaboration among students, faculty, and community members. Exploratory research in creativity and entrepreneurship indicates that context plays a significant role in the sharing and development of ideas.

In this panel discussion, Steve Erwin and Joe Rondinelli are joined by Bonnie Sanborn and Tom Schryver of Cornell and Jacqueline Ashby of Simon Fraser University for a conversation about the planning, design, and evaluation of creative space. They will introduce state-of-the-art facilities built to encourage everything from idea formation to product development. These include the Harvard Innovation Lab, which Shepley Bulfinch completed in 2011, and Cornell’s Rev: Ithaca Startup Works.

The all-in conversation will cover the methods for analyzing the use, user experience, and overall success of these dynamic learning environments.

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