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Going global: culture shock!

29 October 2014

ABX Architecture Boston Expo, Boston, MA

Gerard GeorgesIt’s not just professional practice that holds surprises for those working abroad, but project delivery, business customs, and the routines of daily life.

At this year’s Architecture Boston Expo (ABX), Shepley Bulfinch’s Gerard Georges joins fellow panelists Deborah Bentley; Bob Daylor (Tetratech); Christian Lemon (Lemon|Brooke); and Alan Mountjoy (NBBJ) for “Going Global: culture shock!”, a discussion of the opportunities and challenges of working on international projects.

The panelists share stories from the field – the good, the bad, and the baffling – and highlight the perils and attractions of working outside your cultural comfort zone.The session is moderated by Mark Careaga of Payette.

Going Global session details