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Boston park will ‘Sparkle & Chime’ with Shepley art installation

Friday, 15 August 2014

Sparkle & Chime art installation

It’s dusk on an evening in October, and as you walk through Evans Way Park in Boston’s Fenway, you are accompanied by ethereal chiming and shimmering reflections in the trees above you.

The Fenway Alliance selected Sparkle & Chime, designed by architect Jean Kim of Shepley Bulfinch, as the audiovisual installation at Evans Way Park for several weeks in October. The installation is part of the Fenway Alliance’s 13th annual Opening Our Doors, which will be held on October 13.

Every year for the past 12 years, Opening Our Doors has welcomed the public to experience the vibrant cultural offerings of the Fenway Cultural District, from dance workshops and theatre improv classes to free admission to many of the District’s noted galleries and museums.

This year, Shepley Bulfinch was invited to design a public art installation for Opening Our Doors, through the Alliance’s Public By Design initiative, which seeks to enhance the cultural district’s public spaces through dynamic and place-relevant installations designed by local architects and artists. To involve the entire firm, architect Tad Juskzyk proposed that Shepley Bulfinch hold an internal competition, with the winning entry to be selected by a jury of The Fenway Alliance members.

In addition to Jean Kim’s winning design, five other Shepley design teams submitted entries:

Balloonapalooza (Michael de St. Aubin, Katie Kim, Greg Norton and Barak Yaryan)

Cup Hive (Hyeonjoo Park)

Fenway Framed (Becky Rahmlow)

Fenway Folly (Susannah Cramer-Greenbaum, Aris Garrison, Kristina Osborn and Chris Wortley, with consultants Elaine Garrett and Kim Markert)

Square Dance (Matthew Bohne, Mary Hale, Tad Jusczyk, Maryna Medvinsky and Laura Tittle)

Previous Public By Design installations include architect Kim Poliquin’s 2012 exhibit, Enfold; and Goody Clancy’s 2013 interactive work, Interlace.

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