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Interior design: Partnership and the design process

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Joe Rondinelli IIDAShepley Bulfinch celebrates World Interior Design Week

Although the design process is defined in phases that follow a linear path design itself isn’t. This is especially true in a project’s early stages. Design in its early stages requires exploration and we embrace the collaboration across the disciplines to achieve our design goals.

The art of creative problem solving has always been based around knowledge. It is this creativity born from the interior designers’ knowledge that informed the model of our internal practice of having the interior designer team integrated instead of in a stand-alone practice. This model of collaboration is often one of shared leadership where the authorship of creativity is not held by a single source and often even blurred.

There are many components that make up successful partnerships. Collective creative problem-solving requires a foundation of trust and a shared goal that the outcome of the collective is stronger and more than any one individual.

We understand that which is worthwhile isn’t always easy or comfortable. It is the passion for what we do and the drive to do it better that has allowed the model of our practice to evolve and thrive. As we celebrate World Interior Design Week, we celebrate the collaboration with our clients and all the design disciplines that are our partners and share in our passions.

- Joe Rondinelli

Joe Rondinelli is a Director and senior interior designer at Shepley Bulfinch.


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