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Urban pediatric health center designed to make a difference

Monday, 28 October 2013

Childrens Hosp of Mich Specialty Ctr - DetroitChildren’s Hospital of Michigan’s Specialty Center in Detroit is designed and built to create a culture of wellness for a new generation of children in Detroit. That’s the gist of “An environment for healing,” a feature on the Center that appears in the October 2013 issue of CAM magazine. The Construction Association of Michigan profiled the Specialty Center as one of its Projects of the Year.

The article focuses on the design and delivery of this high-impact project. In the words of Shepley principal Elise Woodward, “We wanted to provide an environment that focused on health and well-being in a welcoming way.”

“The thought behind this building was to provide an easily accessible, healing environment; we believe that the surroundings also help promote healing for children and family, both clinically and emotionally,” said Luanne Ewald of Children’s Hospital of Michigan, noting that “people have said this campus is the safest spot in the city.”

An environment for healing_CAM Magazine_October 2013

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