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Graphic design award for Harvard Innovation Lab

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Print magazine has selected the graphic design of the Harvard Innovation Lab as a winner in the 2012 Regional Design Annual, which has just been published. The design was the work of Shepley graphic designers Dan Vlahos and Erin Deeley.

The ‘Hi’ design establishes a distinctive identity and conveys a sense of welcome for the i-lab on Harvard’s Allston, Massachusetts, campus. In telling the story of the impact of the design, Shepley Bulfinch senior creative Dan Vlahos said, “Months after the building opened I got an email from one of our clients at Harvard about a friend who drove past the building with two children. When the kids started waving and shouting ‘Hi!’ at the building, she asked what was going on. They replied, ‘The building said Hi, and we were just saying hi back.’”

Now in its 32nd year, Print Magazine’s Design Annual features outstanding work by leading graphic designers from six regions of the US.

2012 Regional Design Annual, Print Magazine, December 2012



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