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Integrated programs in a single building

5 December 2011

Tradeline Academic Medical and Health Science Center Conference, San Diego, CA

William E. Riley, AIA, Shepley Bulfinch
Angela Watson, AIA, Shepley Bulfinch

Integration in academic medical and health science centers promises to deliver two very tangible objectives: integrated programs for more productive research, learning, and clinical care; and integrated facilities for higher operating efficiency.

In this session, “Integrated programs in a single building: higher productivity and efficiency,” Angela and Bill will be joined by David J. Francis, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Psychology, and Earl L. Smith III, O.D., Ph.D., Dean of the College of Optometry, at the University of Houston. They will discuss the integrated program model and features of physical environments that the University implemented to achieve both of these integration results in the new Health and Biomedical Sciences Center. They illustrate the institutional and financial impacts of organizational restructuring, space allocations, connectivity plans, shared resource strategies, governance practices, and key recruiting and retention features for faculty, medical staff, and students.

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