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In defense of good design

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

What is the value of design? Businesses and institutions struggle with this question on a regular basis as they weigh concerns about budget, timing, and a variety of other factors against the priority of design. Several organizations, like Apple Computer, have seen the benefit of prioritizing design, and have made it a part of their core message.

As the this Oct. 10 New York Times article points out, good design can have a powerful impact on the urban landscape. One city, New York, has lately taken the initiative to prioritize good design in new public buildings. As architects, we take the advantages of strong design for granted. How can we best express its value to our clients?

- Tad Jusczyk

Tad Jusczyk is a member of Shepley Bulfinch’s architectural staff. This past summer he blogged his journey along the Silk Road from Xi’an to Venice as Shepley Bulfinch’s first Howe Travelling Fellow.

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