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University Business: Duke Link and collaborative study

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

“Collaboration Station,” a feature in the May 2011 issue of University Business magazine, discusses the design of collaborative study spaces in higher education. Ed Gomes of Duke University talks about the Duke Link, the interactive teaching and learning space designed by Shepley Bulfinch which opened in 2008, noting that the project “was about creating an atmosphere in which people can experiment.”

Since the Link opened in 2008 it has attracted significant attention from institutions of higher education and architects across the US. Ed Gomes discussed the Link’s creation in a September 2010 PKAL webinar.

In a companion piece to the article, Shepley Bulfinch higher education architect Sarah Felton comments on the importance of transparency and accessibility in the successful design of collaborative study spaces.

Shepley Bulfinch is a national leader in higher education design.

Collaboration Station article – University Business, May 2011

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