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Collaborative interdisciplinary features for successful undergraduate science programs

28 October 2008

Tradeline College and University Science Facilities Conference - San Diego, CA

Elise Woodward, Shepley Bulfinch
Kevin Triplett, Shepley Bulfinch
Marc Donohue, Johns Hopkins University

Interdisciplinary undergraduate science programs are a magnet for student recruitment and the most successful ones are “pulling out the stops” in populating their science buildings with relatively inexpensive collaboration, interaction, and active learning features. In this presentation, Elise, Kevin, and Marc draw on examples from the Ho Science Center at Colgate; the Computational Science and Engineering Building at Johns Hopkins; and other interdisciplinary science facilities. The discussion will address the planning details, strategies for addressing value-engineering challenges, and verdicts on the success of such building elements as multi-purpose common spaces, collision zones, open circulation plans, science lofts, glass-cornered lab spaces, freshman research labs, and more.