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Design team's strip mall "re-think" cited in design competition

Monday, 2 June 2008

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Park/A/Strip, a submission from a design team at Shepley Bulfinch, will be one of 25 entries on exhibit later this year at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA) as part of “Flip a Strip”, a national architectural design competition.

“Flip a Strip”, which was organized by SMoCA, was intended to inspire creative, new visions for the renovation of small-scale strip shopping plazas. Participants were challenged to re-think and re-design one of three typical strip-mall sites in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area.

Park/A/Strip establishes a civic identity for a Phoenix strip mall. By transforming the roof and ground plane with a concrete slab, space is created for a community “living room” and park. The rooftop park slopes down at the rear of the mall, touching the ground, providing access for casual recreational use and weaving the transformed strip mall into the larger fabric of the city. Shepley Bulfinch’s design team included Jesse Taylor, Melissa Cooper, Sara Elsa-Beech, Megha Sinha, Thomas Kearns, and Christian Moneyhun.

The competition generated 95 completed submissions, from architectural teams in 46 cities and six countries. Competition finalists and “stellar projects” will be featured in an exhibition at SMoCA that opens on October 4 and runs through January 18, 2009. The jury selected ten finalists, who will develop 3D project presentations for the exhibition and 25 “stellar projects” which will be featured in the exhibition in two continuously running large-scale computer projections.

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