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VCU completes $41-million Massey Cancer Center labs

Wednesday, 10 May 2006

BOSTON, MA — Massey Cancer Center’s new Research Laboratory at Virginia Commonwealth University opened its doors on May 6th in honor of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Goodwin, Jr. for their generous support.

Designed by Shepley Bulfinch Richardson and Abbott, the Goodwin lab facility is designed to promote greater collaboration and attract new researchers to its growing research program. The VCU Massey Cancer Center, one of 61 National Cancer Institute-designated research institutions, is VCU’s focal point for basic and clinical cancer research, education, prevention and treatment.

Providing up to 250 researchers with supremely flexible laboratory space, the modular interior includes laboratories that are designed generically with moveable casework and support alcoves that researchers can customize according to their needs. Common equipment spaces and procedure rooms are designed to permit maximum utilization of space, with a 67% net-to-gross efficiency for the building. This high degree of efficiency permits the most effective deployment of research funds.

A 3,000-sf healing garden links Massey’s clinical and existing research facilities with the new research laboratory, providing gathering space for patients and their families, researchers and healthcare professionals and creating an important, interdisciplinary connection between cancer research and clinical outcomes. The central garden is also an inviting space for the community at large.

The building, which includes 68 lab modules, conference and office space, dry research space and a patient resource area, is linked to the existing Massey research laboratories by a new lobby. On the exterior, the new facility responds to two quite different contexts—one façade is designed contextually with the historic campus to the west, while the east façade accommodates a steep drop and view of the interstate highway and beyond.

The building includes a 70,000 sf, below-grade parking structure with access through the lobby to the building and neighboring hospital facilities.

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